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A Headshot has to grab the casting director in a matter of seconds, it has to not only “pop” but it has to tell them who you are.  It’s important that your headshot match your personality when you physically walk into the room. That is why it is important that we find your best look, not just make you look “pretty”.  It’s great to get called in, but what you want, is to book!  Having a variety of looks available helps you submit to more jobs with a higher rate of success, and also helps casting directors see you as a fit for the role.  Whether they are hard-copy, or on your web profile, they must look professional. Peggy has over 28 years of photography experience combined with the knowledge of today’s marketing trends to help your headshots be eye-catchers among that sea of headshots in which you will be competing.

Tips for the Perfect Headshot Session:

  • Prepare for your photo shoot by eating clean and drinking lots of water a couple days before your shoot and make sure you get a good night’s sleep the night before.
  • Be coachable, remember it is my job to pose you, I will show you and teach you and together we will get your best look. It is your job to communicate to me what types of roles you are trying to get, what looks you are trying to achieve, after that…trust me.
  • Bring a variety of clothing, different neck lines… COLORS, bring colors! Avoid bringing all blacks, greys and whites. Bring what you LOVE, if you love it, you probably look good in it, and you are comfortable in it…but I can’t shoot you in it if you don’t bring it, so bring plenty of variety. I prefer solids or small prints. Remember, if YOU don’t love it, don’t bring it!


  • Come ready to have fun and play… leave the stress and pressure of getting the perfect headshot to me, just come ready to enjoy yourself.
  • MEN: consider not shaving, getting some shots with the stubble look, then shaving at the studio and finishing your session with a clean shaved look.
  • WOMEN: consider starting your session with little make-up and adding more later if you like.
  • REMEMBER: Getting in the door is great, BUT booking is what you want! When the casting director sees you in person you need to match the headshot that made them call you in. So together we will get the perfect headshots that accurately represent YOU!
2 Looks + 4 Retouch $375.00
3 Looks + 6 Retouch $475.00
5 Looks + 10 Retouch $595.00

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